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Monday to Friday: 9-20
Saturday to Sunday: closed

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“Working” is designed to support users with owned individual spaces in order to amplify individual performance and supports necessary adjacencies to meeting and socializing spaces for the cycle of collaboration and focus.

Meeting & Learning

“Meeting & Learning” allows users having formal or informal discussion and learning. A range of technology and tools amplifies the performance of teams, whether meeting in person or across continents.

Socializing & Collaborating

“Socializing & Collaborating” is the spaces that encourages curiosity, experimentation and connection with one another. Variety of postures and choices can be found here for individual and groups for advancing the thinking. The brand and culture of the organization is projected here.

Focusing & Rejuvenating

“Focus & Rejuvenating” is designed to support the need for individual think time as well as break time. These spaces are configured to manage privacy and reduce distraction. Greenery and outside views provide users a sense of relaxing from the working area.

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